15 Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes for Summer

Looking for some delicious non-alcoholic Summer drink recipes to enjoy? Look no further, I’ve compiled 15 drink recipes from some of my blogging friends to help you stock up your recipe collection. As a sober person, when a host takes the time to prepare something special it means so much!

These days my own family is often found poolside enjoying bevvies that we’ve concocted and these 15 are on that list.

The nice thing about serving non-alcoholic drinks is that EVERYONE at your gatherings can enjoy!

15 Non-Alcoholic Summer Drink Recipes

15 Non alcoholic drink recipes summer

Unicorn Float

Unicorn-Float-Recipe summer drink

Raspberry Mint Julep

Raspberry Mint Julep Recipe - Non Alcoholic summer drink

Mermaid Punch Mocktail

Mermaid virgin drink 3_zpsmf4djmqj


Limeade Drink Recipe Portrait WM Title

Orange Ginger Mocktail


Pink Lemonade & Watermelon Fizz


Dairy-Free Coffee Coconut Frappe Recipe


Shirley Temple


Grapefruit Mojito Mocktail


Tropical Strawberry Lemonade Summer Drink


Bubbly Triple-Citrus Iced Tea


Strawberry Aqua Fresca


Fuzzy Navel Mocktail

fuzzy navel mocktail recipe

S’mores Coffee Milkshake


Mojito Mocktail


I hope your Summer is rolling along smoothly and the sun is shining bright! These lovely drink recipes aren’t really just for Summer months, you can enjoy them throughout the year.

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12 Responses

  1. oh my gosh where do I start! these all look so refreshing and yummy. The S’more coffee milkshakes looks so yummy and the Strawberry Aqua Fresca. I could really go for one of these right now. One thing I do not do is try out different summer drinks

  2. Thanks for compiling these delish recipes! I’m really liking Organized Chaos’ Pink Lemonade & Watermelon Fizz! Sounds yummy! I’m trying to avoid alcohol myself for health reasons and these are some great alternatives!

  3. Wow,thanks for all the amazing recipes i love to serve non-alcoholic drinks at family gathering because there are so many young kids and they can enjoy all the refreshing drinks also .

  4. I love your alcohol free drinks, I have been sober for six years now and am always looking for new drinks to satisfy me!!

  5. I usually use alcohol drinks, particularly in summer. But they are quite unhealthy, so I tried to look for other drinks . I come across your website and find many things i want. Thanks for sharing! Yesterday, I tried kale and banana smoothie. I use almond because I love the flavor. I will make more juice in this summer. <3

  6. I love all your drink recipes as i choose not to drink and love to make drinks that is good for the whole family!

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