Hosting a Christmas Party on a Budget

The words “Christmas” and “budget” often appear in the same sentence at this time of year, and they’re often accompanied with something akin to a groan! Don’t let so-much-Christmas and so-little-budget put a damper on your holiday spirit! Seasonal costs can add up quickly, but you can party on a budget. On my blog, Spaceships […]

Wicked Gifts for the Teens on Your List #SJHolidayGiftGuide

Christmas is the one time of year when we can write a list of anything we may have ever wanted. These are wicked gifts for the teens on your list! These items which SHOULD be list-toppers! These are the HOTTEST products for any young, urban lad or lady…I know they’ll thank us for giving you […]

Holiday Health Giveaway from Vicks, Honeywell & Braun #SJHolidayGiftGuide

Defend your children from colds & flus this Holiday season with these must have items from Vicks, Honeywell & Braun. Clean the air in your home, maintain an ideal level of indoor humidity, soothe cough and congestion, and quickly and accurately check your child’s temperature. While every parent is dreading the cold & flu season, […]