Cuban Lunch Squares – Christmas Cookie Week #christmascookies

Recently my friend Stacey at ThisLilPiglet shared her Cuban Lunches Chocolate recipe and I’ve been DYING to try it so I made it into squares for Christmas Cookie Week. These are GORGEOUS, seriously I can’t eat just one! The butterscotch, chocolate and peanut butter all hit exactly the right spot and they take mere minutes […]

Our Christmas Cash Giveaway $205 USD ~ Open WW

How would you like to WIN $205 Paypal dollars to help with Christmas shopping?   Thanks to our amazing hostesses: NinjaMommers and Tales of a Ranting Ginger! This awesome Holiday giveaway for $205 USD PayPal cash is open World Wide from Dec. 5- Dec 19th. Winner will be emailed as soon as chosen and will […]

How Financially Literate Are You? #SaveNProtect

As the child of parents who grew up in war-torn Britain, my parents did their best to ensure we were provided for and that we’d never have to worry about finances. This actually backfired in my case. I was never really taught the value of a dollar and up until I met my husband I […]