Jalapeno Poppers Recipe & Nordic Ware Review

jalepeno poppers finished

Next month I will be attending the Food Bloggers of Canada Conference on behalf of Chicken Farmers of Canada. This is an honor and a privilege indeed! Included in the conference pass is some fantastic swag! Yesterday I received 3 gorgeous pieces from Nordic Ware which I was eager to try out. In the package was: […]

I LOVE Netflix Happy To Giveaway 6 Month Subscription

Last December I wrote an article where I talked about the benefits of Netflix and gave away a 6 month subscription. Well since then I’ve become utterly hooked on the TV shows which are available on Netflix. For those who aren’t aware of Netflix, it’s a service which costs $7.99 a month that allows us to instantly […]

St. Patrick’s Day Surprise Mocktail Recipe

st patrick's day mocktail slider

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and what kind of sober blogger would I be if I didn’t have a hidden St. Patrick’s Day Mocktail recipe for you all? This is a simple, gorgeous mocktail which is a bit of a surprise, your guests won’t expect the burst of Grapefruit flavor that will greet them with […]