Apparently My Life Matters Thanks @Edenland For This Reminder

In the past few months I’ve been feeling like God is driving me to be of service to others and find meaning in everything… With each opportunity to serve I’ve felt an undeniable, burning desire to help which my own self-perceived inadequacies cannot overpower. Generally speaking I’ve been unable to commit myself to any cause […]

October is Brain Tumor Awareness Month

Please welcome my friend Shannon to, she has asked me to share some information about Brain Tumor awareness with my readers. This is an important topic and until now I had never known the signs and symptoms. Thank you Shannon for providing this guest post stocked with info. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We all know what the […]

The New and IMPROVED Marks Work Warehouse!

The New and IMPROVED Marks Work Warehouse! Here I am for another lovely event on behalf of Julie. Have I mentioned how much I love my “job”? If you are Canadian, you are probably familiar with Marks Work Warehouse. But did you know they’re getting a new look and rebranding? I got to attend one […]