Being a Mom Isn’t Always Easy

Monday has arrived and with it the peace of a quiet house. I appreciate these moments of solitude when I can reflect upon all that God has blessed me with. Most mothers can be found to be doing this at some point today, looking back over Mother’s Day weekend and feeling truly thankful for their […]

My Nomination for Walmart’s Mom of the Year Award

While I was growing up the world was a bit different, all the Mom’s united in our neighborhood and supported each other freely. It wasn’t uncommon to be reprimanded by another mother or fed dinner just because. The old saying “It takes a village to raise a child” seemed to be in full effect. In […]

WIN 1 of 4 Mystery Boxes – Total value over $1000

  Welcome to The Great Mystery Box Giveaway! I’m so happy to bring to you a FABULOUS giveaway from the hosts: Did You Know Canada, The Knit Wit by Shair, Maple Leaf Mommy and Talking Momcents. You can win one of four themed boxes, chock full of awesome goodies and mysterious prizes! The four hosts […]